Sunday, 4 February 2018

Today's the day!

I had one plan today which was to buy a frame in order to frame a shell that it was given to me by the lovely Jean T. as a gift for my 40th Birthday. The shell is so special - it was picked off the ocean floor by Jean when she was diving the Atocha wreck a few years ago with Mel Fisher off the Florida Keys.

 Amy, Alice and myself all received a shell which we were all beyond delighted with. What a thoughtful birthday present!

Well here is, the final result of what it looks like, now that I finally got round to framing it.

I had planned to put a Key West postcard in the frame but couldn't lay my hands on the one that I had bought specially for this project. Luckily, I had been clearing my bookshelves and had made the decision to throw away all of my travel guides as they are all about 15 years old and way out of date (if any of my Librarian friends saw them on my shelves they would be shocked!). Lol!

So I made the decision to frame a map of Florida from an old USA travel guide.  It looks perfect I think!

On the back I stuck a little paragraph of info about the Mel Fisher Museum.

I am considering buying stickers to add to the picture frame and perhaps writing out the famous Mel Fisher saying "Today's the Day!". But for now I am happy with how it looks.

A big thanks to Jean for this present and what is now a piece of artwork in my house.

And above is what Amy did with her shell. Fabulous!

I found the Key West postcards and switched it out.  Here is my shell pic now:


  1. It's about time you finally got some decent art in your house.

  2. So you want to hear something crazy! I prefer the map pic rather than the postcard for your shell


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