Monday, 5 June 2017

Bernie Sanders -The Dalkey Book Festival

Dinner on Saturday evening was in Angelina's. The setting is amazing - we sat outside by the canal. 

I had tried to get tickets to the Bernie Sanders event as part of the Dalkey Book Festival but not surprisingly they were all sold out.

On the morning of the event, my twin sister contacted me to say that a set had been offered on twitter but that they needed to be picked up in Dublin Airport. I was able to get to Dublin Airport so she let owner of the tix know that we would take them off his hands.
The tix owner than rang me from Manchester where he was working at the Ariana Grande and friends concert. He explained where I could "find" the tickets.
This is a good one!
The airline desk wouldn't hold the tickets so he hid them behind some newspapers in a convenience store in the airport!! 

I drove over to the airport, pulled up at departures, ran in to the terminal, located the shop, rummaged around "The Racing Post" and found them!!

And that is how I ended up cycling to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre to see Bernie Sanders in conversation with Brian McWilliams.

What fun!

Click here to read about Bernie's event.

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