Sunday, 25 March 2018

Isle of Dogs - Dog Friendly Screening at the Lighthouse Cinema

What a fun morning at the cinema! We were up early (after losing an hour due to the clocks going forward) to take Bones for a long walk to calm him down before a special event.

The Lighthouse Cinema were holding a dog friendly screening of the new Wes Anderson movie the Isle of Dogs which we were really excited to have got tickets to.

Bones got his own ticket and it was really exciting to walk up to the cinema and see lots of people with dogs heading on in.
Bones was a little nervous at first because there were so many other dogs and big crowds but before long he was making friends with other doggies.

 When we took our he seats he just chilled out and then proceeded to sleep through the whole film.......which is no reflection on the movie as we thought it was brilliant!!

Before the screening there was coffee and pastries with dog biscuits and water provided for the VIP guests.

Here's the obligatory selfie in the cinema

It was a lovely visit to the cinema and if dog friendly screenings become more common it is something that we definitely would do again.

There were a lot of dogs at the screening so I was expecting some bad behaviour but amazingly there was none! Just one big bark from a large dog when the film started and then a little howling when the dogs in the movie howled!!
But the best thing was there was nobody checking their phone or chatting through the film! The dogs were definitely better behaved than humans at the cinema ;-)

And after the cinema we went and had a very tasty full Irish breakfast in The Third Space in Smithfield
You can read more about this dog friendly movie screening on the Daily Edge here

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