Sunday, 30 April 2017

Life's a Beach - Capital Area Yacht Club, Muscat Oman

Muscat is hot. That is stating the obvious.

But it's hotter than anything I have ever experienced before. It was up at 36 degrees celcius and it was so hot that both Amy and I came to a point of nearly fainting. I was kindly helped by a waiter who made me a soda water with lime and salt for the dehydration.

It being so hot the best place to cool off was at the beach where there is a delightful breeze and the water is the perfect temp for hopping in to and cooling down.

And this is the beach where we spent most of our holidays at - the Capital Area Yacht Club.

It's a beautiful beach with clean waters, golden sand and a handy beach bar for snacks (although we brought cooler boxes full of lunch and drinks) along with bathroom facilities including indoor and outdoor showers (is there anything nicer than an outdoor shower?!!).

Here's some pics of the gorgeous beach.

On our first day there was a lot of people at the beach because it was a public holiday. On our second visit it was practically empty because it was mid week.  Then on our third visit it was a little bit busier because it was the weekend - but we got there early so we got a great spot.
To me a holiday is all about spending time at the beach and this was one great big beach holiday!

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