Saturday, 15 August 2015

Irish Premiere of "Trainwreck"

I managed to snag 2 tickets to the Irish premiere of the new Amy Schumer film, "Trainwreck".  My twin sister was thrilled to hear this and kept uttering "Gold Dust" along with saying that it was amazing that I got the tickets!

The movie was screened in the Savoy Cinema - here are some pics of the red carpet before anyone had arrived.

Before the film started the stars of the film were introduced.  Here's Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Vanessa Bayer  & Director Judd Apatow.  

They chatted a little, answered a few rehearsed questions and told a few jokes.  All very funny - and brilliant to see Hollywood stars in such close proximity.

The main event then began with the screening of the film written by Amy Schumer.

Afterwards, Amy (not Amy Schumer, but actually Amy B., my twin sister!) said that she thought the movie was very real and also very clever.  I gave a little bit of thought to what she said.  Like sure, it was clever, as most good comedies are.  But thinking about it more, I have to agree with her.  It was very clever.  The humour was clever and cleverly done in the sense that it wasn't playing for was as real and as funny as real life is.  For example, there was no over the top, funny but unbelievable, scenes like in say the movie "Bridesmaids" know the scene I'm talking about....the one that took place in the bridal store.  It's a funny scene but not one bit realistic and waaay over the top.  So for that reason I'd say, Yes, Trainwreck is very clever and also very "real".  It's extremely engaging, honest, funny and I could relate to it (probably because I fancy myself as a bit of a feminist!).....It's just a funny real life film which I think all women should go see!

When I got home  I went straight on IMDB to see who played Amy's sister in the movie.  I didn't recognize her from any films that I had seen but thought that she was excellent in the role. Stunningly beautiful but quietly unassuming, she was perfect.  Her name is Brie Larson  and although she has been in loads of films I haven't seen any of them.  I'll be watching out for her in future films!

Here's the obligatory cinema selfie of my twin and I!

Oh and to see what Amy (not Schumer Amy) thought, you can read her blog post about the event here!

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