Sunday, 12 October 2014

Be careful, stay safe!

I had an experience this morning which was a big reminder to me be more security conscious.

This morning on my way to my parents house I pulled in to a supermarket car park to go in to the shop.  I parked in a remote area of the car park where there was no other cars.

When I got to the shop entrance I saw that it wasn't open until 10am (Sunday hours).

I returned to my car and unaware of anything going on around me I started sending a text.  

The next thing that happened was that I felt a presence over me.  I looked up to find a man attempting to open my passenger door.  The dog (thank god I had him with me) started barking crazily at him and jumping at the window.

I was in a complete panic trying to both lock my doors and reverse away.  It was all very bizarre.  The man looked completely drugged but was staring right at me.  I stared right back as if to say "Don't even think of it".

I eventually got the car into reverse and got away (I was shaking!)

My thoughts are that he was probably attempting to open my passenger door and would have snatched my hand bag if it was on the seat next to me.  I think perhaps the dog stopped him in his tracks.

I hadn't thought he got the door open but as I drove away I could see the indicator on the dash was saying the door was open.

So all is well that ends well but I think it has made me rethink a few security issues.  
In future I intend to:
1. Park in an area where there are cars and people in the vicinity
2. Lock the car doors upon getting in to the car
And most importantly 
3. Don't be texting on my phone be aware of all that is going on around me

Do you have any other safety tips that I should be aware of?

Here are safety instructions from An Garda Siochana about  car security.


  1. You were very lucky.

    You're right, so important to be aware of your surroundings.

    1. Feel very lucky......think I was very close to being robbed.

  2. And always reverse into the space - makes for a much easier getaway!

    1. Good advice.

      I was so panicked I struggled to get my car in to reverse.

  3. Scary, It's awful to think that you are not safe in your car, isn't it!

    All things nice...

    1. It's terrible. Dublin can feel quite unsafe at times.


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